Ground Level Photography
Tim Swaysland's

  •  edge

    Walking by a stream

  •  edge

  •  edge

    Golden age

  •  edge

    Looking for clues

  •  edge

  •  edge

    THe tunnel of love

  •  edge

  •  edge

    In the middle of the night

  •  edge

  •  edge

  •  Hollow sound

    Hollow sound

  •  But anyway

    But anyway

  •  Brighton rock

    Brighton rock

  •  I can see clearly now

    I can see clearly now

  •  Round and round

    Round and round

  •  Saving Grace

    Saving Grace

  •  Crazy love vol. II

    Crazy love vol. II

  •  The bells of Notre Dame

    The bells of Notre Dame

  •  Only the lonely

    Only the lonely

  •  Remember how we started?

    Remember how we started?

  •  One night in Bangkok

    One night in Bangkok

  •  The look of love

    The look of love

  •  Some like it hot

    Some like it hot

  •  Day dreaming

    Day dreaming

  •  Selfless, cold and composed

    Selfless, cold and composed

  •  I saw the light

    I saw the light

  •  Summertime


  •  The recipe of life

    The recipe of life

  •  This must be it

    This must be it

  •  Spiralling


  •  Waterfront


  •  Monday, Monday

    Monday, Monday

  •  You've got me thinking

    You've got me thinking

  •  We are sailing

    We are sailing